She didn’t mean to Love Him.

“The first time I looked into his hazel eyes,they were so captivating, I couldn’t draw my gaze away. Something flickered across them. I could feel it. In that moment, I felt pure joy. Like I had no worries. What I wouldn’t give to know what had flickered across his hazel eyes.” From that moment, it was like a fairytale. He became her everything. She thought they were forever.

It was when I lost him,I realised something. That flicker in his eyes when I first met him, the one that made me feel pure joy? It had been love.” It had been such a foreign concept to her then. She hadn’t recognized it. But he had shown her, that love existed, that it was real, that it drove passion, and that it the strongest feeling in the world.”

“To some people love was just a feeling, to some it was a necessity. His love wasn’t a necessity to her, but it made every cell in her body feel alive.She could live without it, but she didn’t ever want to.”

“The most wonderful thing was, he had shown her the best kind of love, when it was unconditional. She didn’t think it was possible for someone to love her unconditionally. But he did. She knew, because she could feel it in the way he looked at her, touched her, cared for her, protected her. He made her feel like he deserved it.”

“But he was ripped from her. Too soon, too suddenly. She hadn’t realized she had come to depend on him so heavily. Before him, she never thought of herself as a woman who needed anyone. But he changed her forever. The pain of him leaving that she felt was a constant, but over time she told herself it was for the best. She knew she was strong on the inside, that she could love without him but she learnt that he had helped her show that part of herself to the world. And for that, she would be forever grateful.”


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