Five Words, One Lie.

“I love you.”

He took two steps forward and put his hand on her cheek. His hand felt soft and his embrace felt like home. He pulled her into his chest and kissed her hair. Then he softly whispered the words she had been craving.

“You are the love of my life.”

She had been waiting to hear those words since the day she first saw him. People said it was wrong, because she let him tear apart her best friend. But they didn’t get it. He was everything. He deserved the world. She would never be enough for him, but that girl. That girl didn’t even realise she was killing him. But once he came to her, she never let him go. He cared so deeply, loved so pure. The first time he kissed her cheek, she felt complete. She knew he was all she would ever want.

So when she heard those words. She held onto him tighter, and softly sobbed into his shirt.

“I’m here. I will always be here,” he said.

And now every time she looked at the picture of him ,she never had the heart to take down, those five words rung through her mind.

Because that was the best lie she had even been told.




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