Day #7

Power Over Me

I picture what it’d be like to see you again. It’s been so long, it feels like a lifetime ago. I constantly have these scenarios running through my head. No wonder the say an idle mind is the Devil’s workshop.  I imagine running into you when I’m at lunch with my friends. I don’t think I could handle that.I picture myself talking to you from a distance, telling you not to hug me. Because  I know that on hug and I’ll fall right back in.

But I’m so fucking scared I won’t have the courage to tell you that. I’m scared that without even touching you, I’ll just take one look at you and go back to my old ways. Because I can’t I won’t survive it. And I hate that you have so much power over  me.

But you do.

And there isn’t a  thing I can do about it.


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