blur of actions and emotions.

I sit down to write but my thoughts are muddled.

I sit down to study, after all that’s what they think I’m doing.Maybe even what I’m supposed to be doing, but three lines into my textbook I’m dreaming.

I think about you, and my emotions are muddled.

I think about her and finally, a clear thought.But that disappears soon, and back are the muddled emotions.

My life is a blur of actions and emotions. The thing is I find it hard to believe this is all my life is. I want it to be more. But I’m stuck in this blur.

I feel that my eyes cannot see clearly enough, that  my vision is too blurry, for my hands to reach out for it.I feel no matter  how hard I try I cannot fulfil everything my life should be.

Should be? Those two words, that question, brings the blur with force.

Live. Love. Laugh. They say.

But is it enough to do these things in a blur of emotions and actions?

Shouldn’t we crave clarity?

Shouldn’t we?

And again.The Blur


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